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  • Financial Advisor

    Safely guides you through the world of finance and helps you plan a path for your goals with the help of specialists in each area.

  • Independent comparisons all in one place

    We will compare dozens of offers from financial institutions in one place and choose the optimal one for you.

  • Online environment

    We prefer to see our clients in person, but we also routinely handle the entire advisory process remotely. Everything will be found in your client portal.

The Process: How It Works

It’s not just about the most advantageous loan, insurance or optimal investment. We prefer to take a comprehensive approach and will therefore be happy to prepare a personal financial plan for you. Of course, our specialists will also be available for your chosen product. With us, you don’t have to stress about your finances.

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The initial meeting
During the first meeting, you will be the main speaker. In order for us to properly set up your finances, you will introduce us to your current financial situation and the goals you want to achieve.
We will prepare a financial plan
We will create a comprehensive financial plan based on your needs. All sections of our firm can be involved: personal finance, private consulting, real estate and corporate finance. As part of the overall concept of finance, we will address such things as housing, hedging risks, the valuation of available funds, retirement security, and any other goals you tell us about.
We continue to work together
We pride ourselves on long-term cooperation. There are many situations in life, and we will adjust your strategy based on them. Our goal is for you to always be on solid financial ground.

The selected product



The initial meeting
During the first meeting, you will be the main speaker. In order for us to properly set up your finances, you will introduce us to your current financial situation and the goals you want to achieve.
We are looking for a suitable solution
Based on the information found, we will ask all institutions. When looking for the right solution, we use the most modern comparators not only for prices, but also for contractual terms. We will then present you with offers and choose the optimal solution together.
The selected product
Pomůžeme vám s celým procesem sjednání buď on-line, nebo papírovou formou. Záleží co vám více vyhovuje. Do budoucna pohlídáme, ať máte smlouvy vždy aktuální a výhodné.

My plan

You can reach your goal either by chance or with the help of a pre-prepared plan. We believe it’s better to plan your finances. That’s why, when we talk, we’ll advise you on how you want to live, travel, save for a car, or not rely solely on the state for your retirement. Part of your financial plan is to secure your assets and your family’s financial stability in case of unexpected events.

We don’t promise you’ll reach your goals for certain, but we do know that it will be much easier with a plan.


Purchasing a property is an important life decision for most of us. The whole process is not to be rushed and in these days of information overload, we recommend for you to contact experienced mortgage specialists.

Detailed comparisons of different bank offers, checking contracts and arranging suitable finance and insurance are all activities we can arrange for you as independent advisers. We think ahead and know that the issue is not always simply about the lowest interest rate. That’s why we place emphasis on setting all the parameters of your mortgage in line with your long-term plans.



The moment you have established a short-term emergency reserve, it’s a good time to look at building up your desires and goals over a longer time frame.

We call this long-term reserves, and it could be money for retirement, your children’s education, or another investment. Based on our experience, the crucial question is not necessarily where you invest your money, but rather for how long are you able to invest any additional funds. Time is clearly in your favour in this case.

Then you just need to discuss your goals with a personal advisor and choose a suitable investment strategy based on your preferences.

Life insurance

All of us can find ourselves in a situation in life that we did not anticipate and that we cannot control. Our job is to ensure that such a situation has the least financial impact on you or your family’s overall well-being.

We will look at your situation from a financial perspective and help you determine the most appropriate way to hedge against any unforeseen risks. On the other hand, we are not advocates of insurance at any cost and can advise on situations where insurance is not needed.


Property Insurance

For your car, home, or your business… we see insuring your property as entirely essential. We will prepare a complete comparison of suitable products on the market for you. We focus on a detailed comparison of insurance terms and conditions and approach insurance as if we were insuring our own property.

Thanks to our market strength, you will receive more favourable terms. We also regularly check that your insurance is set up correctly. If we find a better deal, we’ll let you know.

Loans and loan consolidation

Sometimes there’s just no other way and you need a quick loan for something. In today’s fast-paced online world, this can be done literally in a matter of minutes. Our philosophy is that if you must borrow, do it on the most favorable terms possible.

Important questions are: Which bank? At what interest rate? At what terms and costs? Upon request, a personal advisor will send you a detailed analysis of all banks and help you find the best solution. Then, without having to visit the bank, you can have the money in your account within minutes.

And what if you already have multiple loans? How about simply consolidating them and paying less as a result. With so-called loan consolidation, it’s easy, fast and without the paperwork.

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