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  • Quality

    We originally managed properties for our private clients, and now we guarantee the same quality for you.

  • Guarantee

    We will ensure that the process of buying, selling, or renting a property goes smoothly and nothing surprises you.

  • Convenient terms and conditions

    We will sell your property for a higher price than if you tried to do it by yourself. Plus, we’ll save you time.

The Process: How It Works

Choosing a service



Initial meeting
In a no-obligation face-to-face or online meeting, we’ll describe what the entire process will look like for your chosen service (e.g. for selling an apartment, we’ll explain all the steps from finding the apartment to handing it over to the new owner and estimate how long it will take).
You give the green light for our cooperation
We are glad that we have agreed and clarified the assignment. We will analyse the data obtained from various sources and the output will be a proposal for a specific strategy and solution (e.g. for the sale of an apartment we will analyse the market price and agree on the method of sale).
We begin straight from the starting blocks
We begint to implement the agreed upon strategy and stay in continuous contact with you (e.g. for the sale of an apartment, we start with private or public advertising and give you feedback from potential buyers).

Real estate offer

Take a look at the current real estate offer of our real estate agency.

If you are interested in any offer, please contact our brokers who will be happy to give you more information.



Property for sale

We will arrange everything necessary for a smooth sale of your property. Not only will we save you a lot of time and hassle with the sale, but we will also carry out the transaction safely and at the highest possible price. How do we do it?

First, we will meet and describe the entire sales process to you. It all starts with an analysis of the market price of the property. For this we will use data obtained from the land registry, our database, real estate servers and other sources. We will then design a sales strategy that includes everything from the sale price proposal, to home-staging, to the special way of presentation. Once a buyer is found, we will arrange legal services, secure transfer of funds and handover of the property.

Rental property

We see our property rental service as a significant commitment to landlords to find reliable tenants for their property as soon as possible.

With property rental, we will help you with screening, finding and selecting a prospective tenant, setting the right rental price, all communications with prospective tenants and all contracts you will sign.

Purchase assistance

Purchasing a property involves a number of steps that should not be underestimated. We therefore recommend that you contact the experts at the latest before signing the reservation contract. We always discuss with our clients their specific situation and then they choose which services to use.

During the property purchase assistance, we will help you to find a new home according to the specified criteria, attend viewings with you, assess the offer price, check or prepare the reservation and purchase contract, or perhaps arrange a solicitor’s escrow for the purchase price.


Investment properties

Let your property make a profit. Investing in real estate has long been seen as a safe way to retain funds. It brings rental income to its owners and also increases in value over time.

Our services in this area include, for example, finding a suitable property, assistance during viewings, legal services, financing and insurance. We will also model the future income and costs associated with your investment and calculate the return on investment. Finally, we will occupy the property with a suitable tenant.

Property valuation

Determining a realistic market price is a combination of both science and art. Our services will offer an advantage to you when selling a property or during inheritance procedures.

With a properly set sale price, you will increase the chances of selling your property at an optimal price and in a reasonable time. To determine this price well, we use data from many sources and our know-how above and beyond.


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