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Having dealt with Stone and Belter on a variety of financial advisory and support, including multiple mortgages, refinancing, and insurance coverage, I can safely say, one of the best teams I have dealt with in the Czech Republic. As a foreigner, it can be daunting navigating the financial and bureaucratic requirements related to finance and investments. Having a trusted partner has put my mind at ease, with only the best options put forward by the Stone and Belter team, balancing cost versus long-run coverage and gains. Their willingness to answer all my questions, thorough in-depth knowledge regarding a variety of financial products and services, and ability to tackle challenges head-on, has given me the confidence to have Stone and Belter manage additional financial advisory and investments for me in the future.

Craig Simpson

Always professional and to the point! I feel like I am in control of my financial situation and I can make decisions with Ondrej’s help. Ondrej is top class professional that listens to his clients/ clients need and proposing solutions that suits client! As a foreigner I have been struggling connecting the dots between multiple parties ( bank, mortgage consultant, private banker ) and appreciate expert consultation when I needed the most! Great work and I would recommend Ondrej & the company to anyone!

Agne Barcyte

Perfect cooperation. Ondřej knows the market as nobody I met before. His profesional attitude and complete knowledge of the financial world made me feel I finally found someone who knows what is doing. I can highly recomend his service. Also the location of his office is very pleasant. Right next to Mustek station (line B and A) in Jungmanova street. Keep going my friend.

Jan Pánek

I met Ondrej 5 years ago when I was in a need for a mortgage. Few months ago he took care of the whole refinancing process since my fixation contract expired. I would gladly recommend Ondrej to anyone in a need for mortgage or any other more complex financial consulting services. Big thanks…

Ivan I.

My wife and I needed to release some capital for our investments in the UK. Ondřej guided us through the process of remortgaging our house in Czech. I have worked with many professional financial advisors in the UK, however, Ondřej is completly on another level. I have contacted him on a Sunday evening and had an almost immediate reply, I have spoken to him on the phone and met him in person in Prague. He is an absolute asset the financial world in the Czech Republic. I have never worked with someone so knowledgeable, helpful, communicative and just really genuine !!!! My wife and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ondřej to anyone !!!

Marco B.

Marketa provided a range of excellent, high-quality services which helped me secure my first mortgage and protect my income and livelihood in a cost-effective manner. She worked tirelessly and showed limitless patience in navigating the market to provide tailor-made services for my situation as a foreigner living in Prague. I can’t thank her enough for helping me build a happy and stable lifestyle in Prague!

Dave McMahon

As an expat with limited Czech knowledge, navigating through the bureaucratic hurdles of applying for a mortgage is a big struggle and tiresome dilema. Marketa’s expertise and ability to break down and simplify the process has helped me guide through the purchase of a property. And on top of that, I’ve received a better deal with Marketa compared to the banks and others. I really do recommend her services to anyone looking to take the plunge into getting a mortgage.

Marc Tatossian

Ondřej advised me and my wife on getting the mortgage to buy a flat. His massive experience allows him to explain mortgage allocation process in a way that is useful for incompetents and he was extremely helpful to me in understanding the details of documentation. Ondrej’s confident approach to problems with combination of in-depth market knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking enables him to originate a unique solutions of any difficult situation. Last but not least, Ondrej is a pleasure to work with and simply nice guy that always gives you a hand if you need.


Me and my wife negotiated for mortgage with HB, via ing. Ondrej Marek and his team. Ondrej is amazing, he is patient with explaining local rules to us foreigners, he went the extra mile to find the bast offer for us, and then to do all the communication, because we couldnt do it with our bad czech language. He is very responsible, punctual, and answers fast. And the best of all, its for free for us (they take commission from the bank). So if you are lost in the Czech mortgage world, I recommend Ondra and his team.

Marko B.

Ladislav was both friendly and extremely professional. He is very knowledgeable in his field and explained my options clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend!

Jack Desmond

Ondrej helped us obtain a mortgage to buy a home in the Czech Republic. I am self-employed with complicated financial scenario, no residency, all income reported only in United States. Ondrej did an amazing job, quickly got us a mortgage with 20% down and a great rate, was on top of everything, translated everything for me into English and made it 100% stress free.

Paul Knag

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