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  • Asset protection and valuation

    We will protect your assets from inflation and further seek to increase the appreciation of your financial assets. Your portfolio includes not only investments, but also cash and real estate.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    Unlike the private banking of the big banks, we are not limited by the offerings of one institution, but select the optimal investment solutions on the market.

  • Investment specialists and experts

    Our investment managers create analyses of investment products and select the best ones for you from the market. We invest our own money as well as yours.

How we Cooperate

Setting up a partnership

Investment strategies

Active management

Initial meeting
In private advisory, our main goal is long-term collaboration and wealth management. The first meeting is therefore primarily about getting to know each other and whether we can find “common language.” This means we will tell each other what your expectations are and whether we can meet them. From our side, you will hear how we work and what we are able to do for you.
Developing a Strategy
From the very moment we agree to cooperate, we can start working together on your investment strategy. As part of this, we will always look at your assets as a whole. That’s why it’s useful to know how you are currently managing them. Based on this information, we will design an individual investment strategy for you. If it makes sense to you in this way, we can then proceed with the implementation of your strategy, which means drawing up the contract documentation and implementing your instructions.
We communicate continuously
But this is not the end of our long-term cooperation. Everything is complemented by active management with your investment advisor. The purpose of this is to meet regularly as required to discuss the ongoing performance of your portfolio, any changes, and whether our cooperation is suitable for both parties.

Setting an investment strategy

Choosing an investment strategy is a fundamental prerequisite for successfully building long-term wealth. In order to set up your strategy, we will analyse its current state while you tell us more about your expectations and goals for the future.

Most of us are conservative investors. Thoughtful diversification minimizes risk and ensures sustainable returns. In this sense, a portfolio may include securities, a real estate component or gold. With us, you can invest conservatively, safely, as well as dynamically with a focus on maximizing returns.

Mutual funds

We view mutual funds as the cornerstone of any portfolio. These are most often investments in a wide range of bonds and equities alongside other investors. This enables us to meet the basic rule of any investment –  diversification – while also making some investments on more favourable terms.

We advocate an open structure, that is, we analyse and select tailor-made funds for you from over 1000 funds from the largest international investment companies, complemented by selected local players.

ETF funds

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or publicly traded funds and index funds are low-cost collective investment instruments and, together with mutual funds, are part of our investment strategy.

The principle is to invest passively in an unlimited range of different indices (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.). As a rule, this is a less expensive way of investing than active mutual funds. ETFs also have their own specific characteristics. For example, they only replicate the underlying asset and for this reason cannot significantly outperform or underperform the market.

CIF funds

We include CIFs (qualified investor funds) as an interesting addition to our clients’ portfolios. These are special types of funds with almost unlimited investment options (stocks, bonds, real estate, private equity, investment wines, artwork, debt, and more).

They are generally not subject to as much scrutiny and regulation as regular mutual funds. They can therefore invest in opportunities with higher risk and also higher potential returns. If you are looking for an interesting addition to your portfolio, we recommend you discuss the specifics of such an investment with your advisor.


A bond is a security, but realistically it is a form of loan where you provide a company, government or other entity with your funds and in return collect regular interest. After an agreed period of time, the money you borrowed will be returned to you.

With us, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of bonds through diversified funds, but we will also protect you from the higher risks associated with individual corporate bonds. So you can achieve a reasonable and safe appreciation with us.


This security gives you an ownership stake in the company whose shares you buy. You can earn relatively the most on shares compared to other types of securities. However, you have to allow for more significant fluctuations in value. However, you can’t build long-term wealth without shares because they are by far the most profitable over the long term.

We have access to a wide range of equity funds covering all relevant economic sectors, regions and investment strategies. We will tailor the equity component to your overall portfolio, your preferences and your needs.



Commodities are a specific type of asset that differ fundamentally from securities in that they are physical commodities, do not replicate capital market developments and have a tangible form. They need not be limited to precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. The supply is much broader and includes, for example, agricultural products.

In terms of our philosophy, commodities can be a useful addition to your property portfolio. We can arrange for you to buy them both in physical form and through securities. The former is more expensive and less liquid, while the latter is more connected to capital market developments. However, both avenues make sense, depending on your needs.

Investment property

Investing in real estate in our country can be done in a variety of ways – either by buying physical property outright, or through real estate funds or corporate bonds. You can invest your funds not only in apartments, houses or land, but also in office buildings, business centers or industrial and logistics parks.

Yields from a longer term perspective can be increased through the use of a mortgage, and often one’s own funds are not required for the purchase. We can help you with each of these paths and show you which one is the most advantageous for you.

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