Ing. Petr Seibot

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E: petr@seibot.cz


Capital City of Prague
The Central Bohemian Region


Jungmannova 748/30,
110 00 Praha

Moje specializace:

investiční specialista

I am a successful graduate of VŠB in Ostrava. For several years, I actively pursued sports at the elite level and represented the Czech Republic in table tennis. I have won several national championships in the youth categories.

I have been providing financial advice since 2009 and currently work as an independent financial advisor at Stone & Belter. I focus mainly on investments in my portfolio and enjoy working with successful people. My clients include business owners, top management, and professional athletes.

My advisory services are based on an initial analysis of the client's financial situation, which forms the basis for a unique solution. Before starting work, I enter into a gentleman's agreement with the client that they will only pay for my services if they are completely satisfied with my proposal. To date, I have not encountered any rejections.

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