Petr Dobrovolný

Finanční poradce


Capital City of Prague
The Liberec Region


Jungmannova 748/30,
110 00 Praha

Moje specializace:

Investice a finanční plány.

I have actively worked in banks and finance for over 20 years, always putting the desires and goals of my clients first. The difficulty was that the ideal solution was not always in the institution where I worked. That is why in 2013, I embarked on the path of independent financial advisory.

My motto: Assumption is the mother of all mistakes, they say. That is why we do not assume, but plan. Together.

Professional experience:

1999-2012 Banks (BACA-now UNI, Citibank, mBank, Moravian Financial Institute, Moneta)

Personal banker

Mortgage banker

Corporate banker

Private banker

2013-present Independent Advisor

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