Martin Zelenka

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Capital City of Prague
The Central Bohemian Region


Jungmannova 748/30,
110 00 Praha

I started my career in financial advisory in 2005, and since then, I have focused on my main areas of interest, which are investments, acquisitions, and trading.

Professionally, I specialize in comprehensive financial advisory and overall asset management, particularly in the field of investments. I have had a successful ten-year tenure as a strategic manager at SABservis, where I focus on strategies, management, and acquisition of advisory companies. My goal is to help clients achieve their financial objectives and secure their future through proper investment and financial portfolio management.

However, my life is not solely about finance and work. I also enjoy pursuing my hobbies and an active lifestyle. During almost nine years of living outside the Czech Republic, I had the opportunity to work and reside in the USA, England, Australia, Spain, and South America. I love traveling and engaging in adrenaline sports such as cycling, surfing, kitesurfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing. These experiences enrich me and strengthen my creativity and endurance.

By combining my professional passion and interest in an active lifestyle, I strive to provide clients with comprehensive and personalized financial advisory. I bring broad knowledge and experience in investments and asset management, while also developing my personal interests and hobbies that help me offer clients a unique perspective.

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