Ing. Marek Jůzl, EFP

Finanční poradce

E: juzl@financnivseved.cz


The Vysočina Region


Farní 70/2,
586 01 Jihlava

Moje specializace:

Finanční plánování, spotřebitelské úvěry, investiční poradenství, životní a neživotní pojištění.

My name is Marek and if you turn to me, I will be a good advisor for you. I have been involved in finance since college, where I realized that knowing and understanding is crucial. And that applies not only to clients but also to me. The desire for further education and personal growth still remains with me, so I am constantly educating myself in the field. In addition to the basic sectoral exams, I hold the Master of Financial Planning certificate, which is focused on financial planning. Now I am proud to hold the EFA (European Financial Advisor) title, which puts me among the top 1% of the best advisors in the Czech Republic.

My goal:

Real advice is not a mass sale of financial products, but individual understanding of your needs. My goal is a long-term cooperation based on mutual trust. A quality financial plan is a real added value.

Cooperation process:

Financial advisory in the Czech Republic has moved forward in recent years. It is no longer a mass sale of financial products. Advisory is primarily about clients' needs and goals. We can establish cooperation on two levels. Either I will solve individual requests with regard to your life situation, or I will create a complete financial plan that defines all your goals. The financial plan looks at your entire portfolio in context, because in finance, individual areas overlap and act together. It is a long-term cooperation based on mutual trust.

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