Ing. Kateřina Šubertová

Finanční poradce


Capital City of Prague
The Central Bohemian Region


Jungmannova 748/30,
110 00 Praha

Moje specializace:

Investování do podílových fondů a ETF, které jsou zaměřeny celosvětově a napříč obory se širokou diverzifikací.

My main mission is to teach my clients how to take care of their hard-earned money and create a functioning financial situation. Always in an understandable, simple way, based on many years of experience. It is crucial for me to show and help my clients how to invest in low-cost ETF funds and mutual funds.

I consider it essential to impress upon my clients to include investing in their regular expense overview and focus on the goals they want to achieve, whether for themselves or their family. I help them organize their monthly expenses so that they always have the means for this vital part of life.

Professional experience:

I have been working in finance since 2005. I have worked for several consulting firms and spent 7 years at Unicredit bank, where I led a team of acquisition bankers. It was a reward for my results. All positions have moved me forward, but what I like the most and where there is direct feedback is working with clients. I am most pleased when I see how they push their boundaries and are happy that they have encountered my service.

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