Irena Valášková

Finanční poradce

E: irena.valaskova@sbelter.cz


Capital City of Prague
The Central Bohemian Region


Jungmannova 748/30,
110 00 Praha

Moje specializace:

Nejčastěji s klienty řeším investice, pojištění, hypotéky.

I have been working in financial advising since 2014. This job is very fulfilling and enjoyable for me, especially because I can be a part of fulfilling the wishes and dreams of my clients. Over time, it has become clear that services must be provided at a level that is understandable, simple, meaningful, and graspable for clients. People's life situations often change frequently, and often, within a few years, everything can be turned upside down. However, there are always reasons for these changes. Life moves forward, evolves, changes, and important decisions must be made. My clients become increasingly satisfied and wealthier. I work in a way that allows you to understand your money, and at the same time, I set up a simple overview and gradual steps leading to the fulfillment of your dreams and goals. And most importantly, "you are not alone in this!"

What else can I reveal about myself? Because I come from a tennis family, I enjoy playing recreational tennis in my free time, spending time with my family, riding my bike, and traveling.

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