Alena Pechová

Finanční poradce

E: alena.pechova@APFin.cz


The Vysočina Region


Farní 70/2,
586 01 Jihlava

Moje specializace:

Hypoteční pojištění

I started my career in the world of finance back in 2011. It was a turning point in my life as I had been an employee like most people up until then. The idea of entrepreneurial freedom captivated me, and I began to fully devote myself to finance. The beginning was not easy, and I constantly pushed my boundaries both in education and on a personal level. However, I persevered and am grateful for it. Working with people is fulfilling for me, and I strive to do it conscientiously and well. The reward for me is satisfied clients who can turn to me in any life situation.

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