Ing. Alena Horská

Finanční poradce


Capital City of Prague
The Central Bohemian Region
The South Bohemian Region
The South Moravian Region


Karla IV. 104/2,
370 01 České Budějovice

Moje specializace:

Komplexní finanční plánování, zejména hypoteční úvěry a pojištění.

Cizojazyčná klientela.

I believe in personal meetings and long-term relationships, even though robots may soon be able to handle your mortgage and insurance needs. Let's meet and set up your finances effectively so that your money works for you, not the other way around.

I listen to my clients with maximum dedication and strive to build a relationship based on trust, responsibility, and a professional approach from the very beginning of our cooperation.

Luck favors the prepared, but life often brings surprises. Let's prepare together for what may lie ahead and not miss any opportunities.

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